24 May

-Ode to the people that are alone-


Watch that man, crazy bollocks for a head.

Sunbeam in his eyes with lunacy transpiration.

Flowerfull armpits, shiny eyes.


Recios night out.

Long hair, heavy metal listeners.

Trash searchers, beer chasers.

Long drinks in a dark bar.

Spiting, chewing, rocking with banging heads.

Headache, hurting necks.


No more, in this stupid, cynic world.

Clinical prescribed pills for unnecessary wits.

No need for genius nor any kind of intelligence.


All you need is to be alive, like a mechanical respirator.

Emotionless eyes and the need to survive.

Not Gloria Gaynor style.

Nor proudfull.


Just be absent.

Be mass.

Walk thru the street, spit in the face.

Don ´t you even think about looking at someone’s eyes.

Neither socialize and exchange ideas, thoughts nor feelings in this world.

Alas! To the people that can survive.

Nevermore, nevermore and farewell.


Never see thru someone ´s eyes ´tis forbidden.





Una respuesta to “18-”

  1. El Enigma mayo 25, 2007 a 1:33 am #

    … una buena cancion para un buen momento.


    El Enigma
    Nox atra cava circumvolat umbra


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