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30 Dic

40-bis (El mismo cuento en español)


Malbrough is going to war

Mironton ton to mirontaine

Malbrough is going to war

Doesn’t know when he’ll come back

–He’ll come back for Easter

Mironton ton ton mirontaine

He’ll come back for Easter

Or for Trinity Sunday

Ha Ha Ha!

Ha Ha Ha.

Charlie sang to his brother as the night became silent. They had to go to sleep because they had school the next morning. Charlie sang to his brother that night because neither of his parents had come to their room to say goodnight.

Almost every night dad sang songs, they stuck their noses under the blankets and bed covers until the dream of night and rest crept under the pillows. The bed covers were ones of battles between Spider-Men and Batman, many of the drawings and adventures that scattered on the soft embrace of the fabric were bothered in the stale night by something. Under the tiny mattress the tension built up that night because something happened that changed the tradition of tucking up and dreams of night and rest.

Behind the wall they heard a strong and silent discussion, like furniture moving from one side to the other side of the room. The wooden floor panels creaked with rubber soles, back and forth until it stopped dead. They listened to a sound of doors closing last, a thump that did not mean to wake anyone. Sigue leyendo